About Sara

Hi, I'm Sara and this is my blog.

I originally started this blog in 2010 and titled it "A Shared Meal." I enjoy eating with family and friends, and I wanted a place to share recipes with them. There are thousands of food blogs out there, so at first I was hesitant to add another one. However, I'm always giving friends ideas on things they can make or sharing my latest creation with my family, so I thought this would be a simple and creative outlet for me to share recipes, tips and food stories. If you know me, the recipes you'll see here are perhaps ones you've tried with me, and I encourage you to try them on your own. If you don't know me, I hope you will enjoy these recipes and share them with those you love.

In April 2012 I decided to revamp my blog with a focus on desserts. I now have a young son, and while I still enjoy cooking it has become something that must be done quickly. Baking, on the other had, still provides a nice outlet for me. Often on the weekends I will bake to relax while my husband watches my son.

I was raised in California, and I have a large extended Italian family. Although our family has lived in the US for the past few generations, many of our Italian recipes have stuck with us. You will find a variety of recipes on this blog. Some are treats that I grew up eating. Some are original recipes that I have come up with. And some have been adapted from cookbooks, food magazines, etc. and have become part of my repertoire.

Over time you will find a variety of desserts on this blog. There will be indulgences because, hey, sometimes you need them. There will also be lighter options because sometimes you are in the mood for something sweet but not heavy. While I enjoy most desserts, I do have several people in my life who are gluten-free, have food allergies or are vegans. So, I will sometimes post recipes that the vegans or gluten-free folks in your life can enjoy. Also, I will still post savory recipes from time to time because I'm sure that I will have some that I want to share with you.

Finally, if you have any questions or want to let me know what you thought of a recipe, please email me at saras (dot) scrumptious (dot) sweets (at) gmail (dot) com.

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  1. Hey Sara, these look great! I can't wait to try one out. I'll let you know how it goes... :)